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Buy used motorbike

Buying a used motorbike in Pattaya is not such a daunting task as there are many bike vendors whose businesses are organized around selling premium used motorcycles. As such you would be able to land the motorbike of your dream even at a discounted rate. Buying a used motorcycle can be such a rewarding experience especially when compared to the price of renting a bike for a few days or months. Besides getting a good used motorbike for a discounted fee of 50% or less as compared to buying a new one you sometimes get to buy one that is completely faultless.

The price of buying a used motorbike in Pattaya fall between different categories. With as little as 15,000 Baht, you can purchase a premium motorcycle of 8 years with lots of reliability and few millage in the first price category. For the second category, with 15,000-25,000 baht, you can buy yourself a used bike that is 3 to 4 years old. Nonetheless, you may have to spend another extra 2,000 baht to buy and replace some obsolete part.

A used motorbike of 2 years would cost about 20,000-30,000 Baht. This is a good bargain for money especially considering that the bike is under 10,000km and in excellent condition. For someone looking to purchase a usedvehicle that is still off the chart, this the price category for you.

Finally, before investing in any second-hand bike, you would want to double check for the following:

  • Inspect the bike for any scratch or damage
  • Check for maintenance history
  • Check brake condition through test driving
  • Check if head lamps are working
  • Inspect the conditions of tires

Ensure you don’t hastily invest in the first bike you see at a resale shop, do a market survey to make sureyou are paying for a motorcycle that is worth it.

With the above tips, we hope you buy a used bike you would probably be proud of.