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Honda Click 125i motorbike

You think you have seen and driven some of the most amazing, top notch and sophisticated scooters? Wait till you lay your hands on the Honda Click 125i motorbike, a bike dubbed the scooter of the future. Thanks to its fantastic specification, this is the bike for people looking for something compact yet rugged and easy to maneuver.

With the growing population and traffic situation in and around Pattaya, you wouldn’t go wrong by investing in this all important scooter. Coupled with the skyrocketing price of vehicles, the Honda click 125i motorbike is the perfect bike for people on a low budget living in Pattaya. The Honda Click 125i motorbike boast of amazing features that make it quite different from others.

Here are a few that would interest bike lovers

  1. It boast of an enhanced smart power which guarantees for high power and efficiency
  2. A PGM-FI system built in cooled engine that guarantees for high fuel efficiency and management
  3. Idling stop system which is the technology that makes for fuel efficiency in the Honda Click 125i motorbike
  4. ACG starter: The ACG starter allows for quick starting off your motorbike.

Others include combined brake system, side stand switch, fantastic tubeless tires, magnetic key shutter, an enlarged luggage capacity space, LCD meter panel, and incredible combustion capacity.

Where to buy the Honda Click 125i motorbike in Pattaya

There are quite a number of Honda vendors in Pattaya that sell this amazing motorbike. With 52,000 Bhat, you can buy yourself the all-important Honda Click 125i motorbike. However, while purchasing it, you are required to provide some documents. For foreigners, you will be asked to provide your international passport and residency certificate while locals, on the other hand, need to tender their Thai I.D card.

Well, for those who finally get to invest in this rugged motorbike, we hope you find it as intriguing and mind blowing as we did.