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Rent motorbike in Pattaya

So you recently visited the historical and gorgeous town of Pattaya, and you are looking to rent a bike to ease your movement in and around town. Well, not to worry this post has just the right information to help you rent a good bike and for a reasonable price too. When you are in Pattaya, you don’t have to wander too far or break a muscle trying to rent a bike that works just for you; as many hotels and guest houses in the beautiful town of Pattaya run their own bike rental services, to ease the mobility of their visitors. Also, there are tons of motorbike vendors and rental companies in Pattaya so much so that you would be spoiled with choices of which vendors you would want to do business with.

Rent motorbike in Pattaya

However, before renting a bike in Pattaya, there are certain things you must consider. First, you will have to determine for how long you want to rent the bike. Actually, you pay more for renting a bike for a day than you would for a few days or month. This is not surprising giving the fact that most vendors would be willing to give you a discount for renting their motorbike for a few days or month than just a day. Secondly, the size and model of the motorbike determines how much you would pay. Although the average price of renting a motorbike in Pattaya ranges from 150 – 250 Baht for a day, prices might reach as high as 1000 Baht for much bigger bikes like Harley Davidson or Superbikes.

To this end, having agreed to hire a bike in Pattaya, most vendors would demand a photocopy of your passport and your current address in Pattaya. For foreigners visiting Pattaya, you could be asked to provide an international driving permit or a motorcycle license from your country. Notwithstanding, to cover for unforeseen circumstances like damages or accident, many vendors will ask you to make some deposit which is refundable after you return the bike you rented in good condition.

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