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If you looking for someone who want to buy your motorbike? Then you are here at the right adress. We buy motorbikes in Pattaya that are in good condition and not older then 10 years old. Also the mileage needs to be under the 80.000 kilometers. If you have a well maintened motorbike send us a message with all the details and we let you know if we want to buy your motorbike. Dont forget to send us good photo of your bike. Yous contact form above to send us the information about the motorbike you want to sell in Pattaya.

We help you selling your motorbike in Pattaya

We can also help you selling your motorbike if you not have enough time to do this by your own, or you need to go back to your homeland and so you need to leave the motorbike in Pattaya. Just send us a message and we should look if we can help you with your motorbike.